The Top 25 Must Have Tools for Every Home Owner

Taking care of your home isn’t easy. It might be that lawn mower not functioning or that device going out of order. No matter how good things seem to be at the moment, you need to know that you need to have the right tools with you when they are not.

Here’s a list of top twenty five tools that every home owner needs, whether you are looking to repair the sagging sofa or hang a new decoration in the living room. In fact, these tools are essential for every home owner out there.

1. A toolbox

A toolbox is a must for every home owner irrespective of whether you are into DIY projects or just an amateur tinkering with these tools. When purchasing a toolbox, you need to figure out what you would need it for, whether it is for DIY projects or just something that you feel you must have in your home. In case of the former, you may want to go in for toolboxes top of the line toolboxes, which come packed with just about everything; however if you are not into DIY projects, then you can go in for something simple.

2. Philips screwdriver

You will require a Philips screwdriver or an X-shape screwdriver to be able to screw anything into place. Most toolboxes would come packed with one with interchangeable tips. This screwdriver is a must and if your toolbox does not contain one then you may want to purchase it right away.

3. Flathead

The Flathead screwdriver is one of the most essential tools for any homeowner; chances are high that you have already used one. Whether you are trying to open the control panel in your DVD player or screwing in a light fixture on the wall, you will require a flathead screwdriver.

4. Tape measure

While most toolboxes come with a nifty tape measure, one of the most common complaints is that the tape measure which is provided with nearly every toolbox is of inadequate length. So make it a point to check out your tape measure and if it allows you to measure objects, from length, width to height comfortably. Try to get one that does not rust.

5. Level

A level is what you would need to figure out if the chair or the armoire that you have been carving is evenly proportioned or not. So if you are into DIY projects you would definitely need a level, even a plastic one should do the trick to help you with eyeballing the items in question.

6. Glue gun

A glue gun is something that every home should have – of course, you could go in for that inexpensive tube of glue as well as long as it works fine.

7. A step ladder

A ladder is essential for every home and while it does not necessarily fall under the category of tools it can be considered as one as it is essential for every home.

8. Utility knife

Whether you are trying to open up a sealed tin of baked beans or looking to score some of that calcification off your shower head, a utility knife will come handy. It is multi-purpose and quite handy for various tasks.

9. Hammer

Whether you are looking to pound a few nails into the wall of your living room to hang the mirror or a calendar, a hammer is essential. The neat things about most hammers today is that they come with the crowbar on one side of it, thus serving a dual purpose.

10. Putty knife

If you are into building things on your own, from sealing the breach on the ceiling to retiling the floor in your bathroom, you would need a putty knife to help scrape, and help spread that putty.

11. Nail set

If you are not into carpentry or into DIY projects, chances are you would not need this. But assuming that you do, a nail set would be very useful as it can push the nail deep into the wooden surface, allowing you to refill the hole and sand it, so that the nail marks are no longer visible on the wooden furniture.

12. Pliers

Whether you were just hoping to get a firm grip on an object or trying to pry nails out of a board, the pliers would be just what you require, multipurpose and comes in various sizes as well.

13. Compact wrench

This is a multipurpose tool which you can use for everything from plumbing to working on your hub caps.

14. Adjustable wrench

This neat wrench comes with an adjustable opening, which you can use on hexagonal nuts of varying sizes.

15. Wire stripper

Again, if you are into DIY projects or an electronics geek, then you would definitely need a wire stripper. It can help you measure and strip any wire with precision.

16. Power drill

Whether you are looking to drill holes into your wall to lay some wires or getting the door into shape, from scratch – a power drill should definitely prove handy.

17. Electrical cords

This is a must have, for all homes. You can use it to power up your electronics outdoor or use it to operate your tools with ease.

18. C-clamp

A C-clamp can help you hold two objects together, whether they are wood or of any other material, while you work on them.

19. Vacuum cleaner

This is self-explanatory; a vacuum cleaner is essential as it helps keep your living area and the rest of your home clean and dirt-free.

20. Vacuum accessories

When purchasing your vacuum cleaner, just make sure that you get all the micro vacuum accessories as they can help clean up your electronics and are essential.

21. Collapsible buckets

Buckets take up a lot of space, so if you are living in a small apartment, you may want to stock up on a few collapsible buckets which you can store comfortably.

22. Portable compressor

A portable air compressor should come in handy especially if you use air cushions, bed and mattress. It should help refill your mattress in no time at all.

23. Portable generator

Chances are you must have experienced quite a few outages. Having a portable generator should help you stay powered up even when the whole neighborhood goes dark.

24. Flashlight

A flashlight is something that every home owner must have; flashlights come in various sizes and shapes, customized to suit the purpose.

25. Thermostat

If you happen to reside somewhere cold, it makes sense to go in for a thermostat as it can help you regulate the heating.

Keep a list of all these things and buy them to ensure you do not have to face any difficulty ever. Which one of these tools have you forgotten to keep with you till now? Let us know!

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