10 Plants for Your Bedroom That Help you Sleep Better

If you have been tossing and turning, unable to get your beauty sleep, then you definitely need to read on. One of the main causes for why you end up spending sleepless nights could due to the poor quality of air around you.

Quite often, the underlying cause for your sleeplessness could also be due to stress but poor quality of air, pollution lead to breathing problems and this in turn will impact your breathing pattern causing you to wake up. Here’s a list of plants that should help purify your room and help you breathe easier and should help you sleep better.

1. Jasmine

Jasmine helps to relieve anxiety and it has a soothing effect on the body. It should help you to sleep better. While the smell of jasmine flowers may seem a bit over powering, it should nevertheless help bring down your anxiety levels to normal levels and you should be able to sleep peacefully.

2. Lavender

Like Jasmine, it soothes the mind and body. And its smell induces sleep as well. With a bouquet of Jasmine in your room you should be able to sleep without having to turn and toss around all night.

3. Snake plant

The snake plant soaks up most of the pollutants in the room while emitting Oxygen during the night. As a home plant, this one goes right on top, as it helps to filter the air while providing some much needed clean oxygen. With one in your room, you should not face any breathing issues on account of low quality of air.

4. Aloe vera

This plant acts just like the Snake plant and helps to filter the pollutants out of the room while breathing out oxygen. Definitely, it is a handy plant to have around the house; just remember to park the plant on the windowsill as it requires sunlight.

5. Gardenia

With lush green leaves and fragrant blossoms, the plant should definitely provide you with much needed rest. But the plant requires a lot of care and maintenance, and do not place it in direct sunlight.

6. Spider plant

The spider plant filters out the various pollutants including cancer-causing formaldehyde from the room. In addition, it also removes various odors from the room as well, providing you with a clean room to sleep in.

7. Valerian

This plant is a must for all insomniacs out there; just inhaling the scent from Valerian blossoms should help you fall asleep quickly. You can add some blossoms to your cup of warm milk, let it sit a while and drink it after removing the petals.

8. English Lily

English lily acts as one of nature’s cleaner since it helps to clean up nearly every toxin out of the room. Apart from this, the plant is also known to alleviate allergy symptoms and has had a beneficial effect on asthma patients.

9. Peace lily

Like the English lily, the Peace lily also helps to filter out all the toxins from the room and also alleviates symptoms of allergy. Apart from this, the plant is known for exuding moisture, impacting mold growth.

10. Bamboo palm

The Bamboo palm acts as an air filter and cleans the room of most toxins; the plant does provide an exotic touch to the room and it does not require much maintenance making it an ideal house plant.

Make your sleep better and easier – you don’t need to wait hours for you to fall asleep. With these plants you should be able to get some much needed sleep and not have to put up with sleepless nights for much longer. Just remember that keeping a plant is the easy part, taking care of it and making sure it does not wither way will take some work on your part. So, you probably need to have someone to take them care for you or spare a few minutes each day to do it yourself – the rewards are great, so you really do not have to worry about it.

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